BamHiL 2022



Body and mind harmony in long-life learning


ErasmusPlus – Adult Education – Key Action 2:  Small-scale Partnerships


Project number:  2021-1-PL01-KA210-ADU-000034941


Project duration: 01.12.2021-01.03.2023    



Addenda Foundation (Fundacja Addenda) , Poland – coordinator

People’s University of Sport (ASD – Università Popolare dello Sport) ,  Italy

Civic association Spectaculum, (Obcianske Zdruzenie Spectaculum) Slovakia




The project aims to develop and exchange ideas on implementing more mind and body balance, in educational and physical activities, addressed to adults, especially middle-aged and older.


We want to find new ways to combine physical and intellectual elements, in various   forms of adult education, and to increase educational dimension of the body-related activities, performed in partner organisations.

We also desire to encourage our learners to  introduce more conscious movements and body awareness to their everyday lives.


Very important element of  our project is to increase awareness of educators, trainers  and learners  of the role and value of mind and body harmony – especially during the difficult time we are all experiencing now.


Our main methodology is based on two-directional approach:  we use intellectual methods (research, discussion, brainstorming) to find solution to be implemented into practice,  and we use the practice, “wisdom of our bodies” to show us directions for an intellectual work.


In the frame  of the project we  are going to implement the following activities:

  • exchanging, sharing and developing partners’ specific experience and knowledge on mind and body balance,
  • developing ideas for the activities combining body and mind
  • organising local activities to test new ideas,
  • organising international meeting in each partner country with a workshop for meeting participants, presenting the most interesting ideas for mind and body balance,
  • developing ways how to implement the project outcomes in partners’ regular activities,
  • preparing and disseminating a booklet presenting the project and it outcomes




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